TOPICA EDTECH GROUP is the leading online education provider in South East Asia. TOPICA has more than 1000 full time employees, 2000 teachers and over 50,000 students from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. TOPICA EDTECH GROUP currently is in need of 20 English teachers for TOPICA NATIVE – our Online English program for […]

Learning to Say Hello


Friday, January 8, 2016 More Korean Food! Now that I’ve gotten past all the cultural things, I can talk more about specific Korean dishes! I’m going to miss Korean food a lot. Basic Dishes -Bibimbap (비빔밥), one of the most well-known Korean dishes, is popular among many foreigners, especially those seeking some vegetables in their […]

How the ESL Industry in China is Changing


Published on 02/01/2016 by Richelle Gamlam China is the wild west of the teaching world. With a booming ESL market, an obsession with English, and a growing economy, China’s newest generation of parents are obsessed with providing their children the best money can buy. In this case, it’s a native-speaking English teacher starting in preschool, […]

How to Legally Teach English in Thailand in 2016


Published on 01/13/2016 by Andrew Bond Before you book your flight and sign up for a program teaching English in Thailand, it’s important to be familiar with the Ministry of Education regulations and visas for English teachers in Thailand — not everyone can just arrive and start working there. In this article, local expert Andrew […]