9 Reasons Why You Should Use Songs to Teach EFL


4411 Language teachers can and should use songs as part of their classroom teaching repertoire. Songs contain authentic language, are easily obtainable, provide vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects and are fun for the students. They can provide valuable speaking, listening and language practice in and out of the classroom. Some key reasons songs can work […]



September 1, 2015TESOL Lifestyle Leave a comment No one ever leaves home when they’re 18 saying I can’t wait to be an adult riddled with debt. Sadly, that is what happens to so many of us whether it is college, credit card, car, house, travel, etc. debt. We find ourselves in a situation of treading […]



BEST TIMES TO TEACH ESL ABROAD October 16, 2015TESOL Lifestyle Leave a comment After a friend of mine mentioned that she is considering making a move abroad to teach ESL, I immediately wanted to hear all about her plans. I have a tendency to live vicariously through others in this aspect even though I trot […]



MINI-RETIREMENT KNOW-HOW FOR ESL TEACHERS March 9, 2016TESOL Lifestyle Leave a comment Mini-retirements are all the rage within certain circles. After reading quite a few posts on this topic, my husband and I decided to pursue this seemingly untouchable dream. During that time we discovered just how enjoyable not going to work is, but before we […]

IELTS Resources


IELTS Resources  There is a wonderful array of resources to choose from when it comes to teaching students about IELTS and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) in general. Many universities provide excellent resources online that help students to avoid common pitfalls when writing academic essays, in particular plagiarism. In Canada, the University of Toronto offers […]

How to teach English writing skills to adult learners


How to teach English writing skills to adult learners By:Kate Bones <boneskate81@gmail.com> If you teach English as a second language, you probably know how hard it is to inspire students to start writing in English. That’s mainly because writing is a skill that requires them to be highly motivated. If students don’t have a good […]

Teach English in South Korea


About If you’re looking to put yourself outside of your comfort zone, save some money and grow as a person as well as a professional, teaching in South Korea provides a wonderful opportunity. With a culture almost completely opposite than that of a Western one, you will constantly be confronted by something completely new to […]

Teach English in Mexico


Teach English in Mexico  Speaking English is an absolute requirement for Mexican citizens who wish to advance in a professional field. Because of close ties with the United States, many Mexican companies conduct a certain amount of their business in English. So, if you’ve decided to teach English in Mexico for a living, you can […]

Teach English in Italy


About Rich in history, culture and tradition, it is no coincidence that Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the magnificent art and architecture of Florence and Rome, to the lush landscapes and panoramas of the countryside, one could easily spend a lifetime in Italy. While many people visit […]

Going to the desert – life as an English teacher in Saudi Arabia


Going to the desert – life as an English teacher in Saudi Arabia Richard Fielden-Watkinson | February 19, 2014 | Middle East, Saudi Arabia When I took the CELTA and dared to dream of the many foreign lands I would travel to with my qualification, Saudi Arabia was not on the top of that list. […]