How to teach english overseas


A great way to travel the world and fund your travels is to teach English overseas. If you want to spend a long time in a destination, teaching English is a popular option for overseas travelers looking to earn funds and reside outside of their home countries. English teaching offers individuals the chance to travel […]

Teaching English in Japan: Real stories from Tefl teachers


Teaching English in Japan: Real stories from Tefl teachers Architect Mike Glichrist left UK to teach English in Japan. He shares his experience of mastering the chopstick and the bizzare practice of not waking students who fall asleep in class Mike Gilchrist was surprised by the lack of punishment exercises at his Japanese school Photograph: […]

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Teaching ESL


ROBERT SCHRADER Four years ago today I was walking, half-dead, through Shanghai’s Pudong International airport, searching for a woman named “Apple,” who was supposed to be holding a sign with my name on it. My name, and that of a certain private English education conglomerate: I’d arrived in China to teach English abroad. My legal […]

Teaching English in Southeast Asia


Welcome to Teaching English in Southeast Asia Are you a young professional who wants to see what the world has to offer before embarking on a career path in your home country? Have you worked for a while and started wondering what else is out there? Are you interested in making a move abroad, but […]

The Best Advice for Becoming an English Teacher Abroad


Interested in becoming an ESL teacher? Interested in teaching English abroad as a career? If you have already graduated from university and you would like to become an English (ESL) teacher abroad then you may appreciate this advice more. This article is mainly for the person who has yet to decide his or her major in […]

5 Best Places for Teaching English in China


Question about the best places in China for teaching English: Wade, I need your help. You and Andy are BY FAR the realest traveler writers out on the market. You don’t feed bullshit… Your opinion… What are the 5 best cities in China?? I am submitting my information to Angelina’s. Thanks mate!! This is a […]

The 5 best cities to live and teach in Korea


The 5 best cities to live and teach in Korea JUL022015 When I started this blog, this was one of the first topics I ever thought to write about. It’s an obvious question, and people come here looking for information on this topic. It’s a topic I’ve thought about a lot; in all my travels […]



THE 9 BEST PLACES TO TEACH ENGLISH OVERSEAS August 31, 2015 / By NomadicMatt Every year, tens of thousands of people go overseas and teach English. Young and old, they go for many reasons: to learn about a new culture, make some money to travel, seek adventure, or just experience something new. The time I […]

How To Get A Job Teaching English Abroad


You just graduated college, and you’re ready for an adventure. You want to see the world, immerse yourself in a new culture, and sharpen your foreign language skills. You want to teach English abroad. But where do you begin? First you’ll need to meet the most basic requirements. Most schools will want someone with a […]

How to Become an ESL Teacher


How to Become an ESL Teacher: Step-by-Step Guide Learn how to become an ESL teacher. Research the job description and the education and licensing requirements, and find out how to start an ESL teacher career. Should I Become an ESL Teacher? English as a second language (ESL) teachers instruct students whose first language isn’t English, […]